Over 25 years motorcycle suspension experience. Complete rebuilds, fluids, bushings, springs and seals. Shock Nitrogen on site. Shock seals and lowering kits installed.

Standard street bike leaking fork seal repair includes:

  1. Complete disassembly.
  2. Inspect why fork seal failed.
  3. Repair of fork tube steel surface.
  4. Cleaning of brakes pads, wheel, disc, fender.
  5. New seals, bushings, oil.
  6. Rebuilding of fork and cartridge.
  7. Research oil instructions for customer.
  8. Reassemble compete system.
  9. Test ride.


S.KF fork seals are known to leak less and have less friction. We stock SKF and use with the customer approval. Line to information about SKF fork seals

MXA write up SKF fork seal

We are so involved with motorcycle suspension it was natural to produce tools for the job.

Tool website

New fork bushings are a important part of every rebuild. If the fork bushing haven't been replaced the steel fork tubes could become scratched with 45° sanding marks, destroying the fine polished surface. We always replace these bushings.