Cleaning and Calibration

Ever since the introduction of Ethanol into the fuel we purchase problems with carburetors increased. The carbureted motorcycle is one of the last vehicles to still vent the float bowl to the atmosphere pressure. Moist beach air enters the float bowl through the vent lines and contaminates the fuel with moisture. Lengthy storage intervals can cause the need for carburetor rebuilds. Hundreds or thousands of carburetor rebuilds have been performed by the lead technician with 28 years motorcycle carburetor experience. Jetting calibration and new parts are standard procedure with every carburetor clean. Fuel tanks are cleaned and flushed removing fuel mold. Fuel taps checked and replaced as needed. Four stroke motorcycles receive Exhaust Gas Analyzer tune contributing to outstanding readability and throttle response. Most technicians do not own an Exhaust Gas Analyzer, therefore using guesswork on your jetting. 28 years carburetor knowledge backed up with the EGA machine delivers unbeatable tuned perfection. All old parts saved for inspection.